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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Anonymous Preparing Counter-Assault on ISIS for Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Anonymous is not taking Tuesday's terror attacks on Belgium lying down. Sky News reported Wednesday the hacktivist collective has released a new video in which it once again takes aim at ISIS, which took credit for the March 22 Brussels bombings that left dozens dead and hundreds injured. "Our freedom is once again under attack," said a computerized voice in the latest video. "This cannot continue." The group goes on to explain that, following the Islamic State's attack on Paris in November, it hit the terrorist organization hard, shutting down "thousands" of its Twitter accounts, stealing its money and its bitcoins, "severely punished Daesh on the dark net" and hacked ISIS's propaganda sites. And indeed, Anonymous released a related video days after the ISIS-perpetrated Paris attacks, in which 130 innocent people died and hundreds more were wounded. In that video, the group declared war on the Islamic State and warned that it should "expect massive cyberattacks." Can Anonymous' counter-attacks help impede the destructive efforts of ISIS? Share your recommendations with the the Cloud and Cyber Security Center

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