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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Do Asia and Eastern Europe Consititute an Axis of Cybercrime Evil?

Countries with fast developing economies such as China, Hong-Kong, South Korea, and India have huge incentive in strengthening their IT infrastructure to support their booming economies. With the growing services and manufacturing sector of their economies, government and educational institutions are putting great emphasis upon producing human as well as economic capital that is necessary to support the growing sectors. With countries like China behaving aggressively to pursue its economic goals, a number of their institutions are alleged to be acting complacent in making the  cyber threat landscape more offensive. The case in point is Unit 61398, an alleged APT unit of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) targeting US, Germany, and France for the exfiltration of trade secrets, take over of critical national infrastructure, and to conduct corporate and intelligence espionage. Countries like Pakistan, with a thriving IT sector, 4G network introduction in the offing, no legislation on cyber crime, and a formidable existing body of hackers is likely to become a future point of origin for cyber activity. What is the potential scope and breadth of this emerging threat landscape?  Share your assessment with the Cloud and Cyber Security Center:

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