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Monday, March 14, 2016

CyberCrime Statistics - The Rise of Cyber Bullying, Cyber Stalking and Cyber Warfare

Cyber crime or computer crime can be divided into two categories: the first comprises crimes that target computers directly such as viruses, attacks and malware; the second focuses on online crime that uses computer networks or devices as means to perform fraud and identity theft through social engineering as well as cyber bullying, cyber stalking and cyber warfare.  Companies in the United States experience an yearly loss of more than $525m USD  due to cyber crime with the majority of these losses stemming from malicious code and DOD attacks. Data breaches and their consequences have also had profound effects on consumers with personal information and credit details being stolen. The largest online data breach compromised more than 130 million user accounts. Online brands with the highest probability of being targeted by phishing attacks. Include online payment provider Paypal and online auction house eBay, as well as numerous online service providers that require personal identification as well as payment information.  With the ubiquity of the internet, an increased online usage and the spread of social network usage throughout all age groups, cyber bullying and cyber stalking have become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. Cyber bullying is defined as the harming or harassing of other people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner, including cyber dating abuse within relationships.Share your comments on the most common forms of cyber crime here at the Cloud and Cyber Security Center. Data provided c/o Statistica.

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